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Body Therapy Treatments//

Luxury Massage Spray Tanning Aromatherapy Hopi Ear Candles Body Scrubs Reiki//

Body Therapies include Spray Tanning. We use a safe natural colour taking less than 15 minutes. Luxury Aromatherapy Massages, relaxing deep massage to suit the individual’s needs. Indian Head Massage an amazing treatment covering the face, neck and upper shoulder area. Lava Shell Massage for the ultimate calming massage. Thermo Auricular Therapy, also called Hopi Ear Candles used by many cultures since ancient times.

Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy removes dry and dehydrated skin cells. Purifying Back Treatments are a like a deep cleansing facial for your back. Paraffin Wax Treatment is the careful application of warm wax to alleviate back tension. Shrinking Violet Body Wraps help successfully remove fat in problem areas. We also offer clients Reflexology and Reiki, both very beneficial to mind and body.

Popular Revitalizing Body Therapy Treatments//

♥ Spray Tanning

  • Maximum results in minimum time. A safe natural colour within 15 minutes, we recommend you wear dark loose clothing and have no moisturiser or deodorant on prior to treatment.
  • Full Body
  • Half Body
  • Top up within 1 week
  • Teenagers up to age of 16

♥ Luxury Aromatherapy Massage

  • A relaxing deep or gentle massage to suit the individual’s needs using a personal blend of pure essential oils. promotes a feeling of well being and total relaxation.
  • Full body including face and scalp – 1 hour.
  • Back, Neck and Shoulders30 mins.
  • Face and Scalp30 mins.

♥ Indian Head Massage

  • This amazing, versatile treatment cover the face, neck and upper shoulder area – areas that hold most tension. It is said to relieve symptoms of stress, improve blood circulation and encourage relaxation.

♥ Lava Shell Massage

  • For the ultimate calming massage, the lava shells treatment is the soothing solution. As the therapist glides the warm marine polished shells smoothy over the body, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of complete relaxation and calm.
  • Deluxe Back Treatment30 mins.
  • Deluxe full body treatment1 hour.

♥ Lava Mama Massage

Benefits of Lava Mama Massage: Promotes ‘feel good’ hormones. Promotes improved sleep. Reduces aches and pains in the muscles and joints, particularly back, hips and legs. Reduces puffiness and fluid retention in the legs and feet Reduces tension, fatigue and headaches. Supports the circulatory system bringing nutrients to those hard-working muscles and tissues. Ultimate indulgence and maximum hydration for the skin, can help prevent stretch marks.

Lava Mama Massage – 60 mins

♥ Reflexology

  • A gentle therapy working on the reflexes on the feet to help ease tension and balance the body.

♥ Hopi Indian Ear Candles – Thermo Auricular Therapy

  • Ear candles have been used by many cultures as a effective natural therapy since ancient times. Now you can enjoy the pleasant benefits and effects of this age old lemony. A deeply relaxing, soothing treatment especially for people troubled by ear, nose and throat problems – Session lasts 40 mins.

♥ Mineral Salt Scrub Therapy

  • Ideal pre and post holiday treatment to remove dry and dehydrated skin cells, leaving the body with a soft glow and hydrated – Session lasts 40 mins.

♥ Purifying Back Treatment

  • A deep cleansing facial for the back, ideal for congested or dry skin – Session lasts 30 mins.

♥ Paraffin Wax Treatment

  • An application of warm wax to the back , neck and shoulders to alleviate tension and relax the muscles, includes massage – Session lasts 40 mins.

♥ Shrinking Violet Body Wrap – Full Details And Info Here….

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