Lava Mama Hot Lava Shell Massages Coming Soon!//

Lava Shells Used In Lava Mama Pregnacy Massage Therapy

♥ Our Beauticians Are Loving The Lava!

Just a quick and exciting update on the adventures of 2 of our very keen beauticians Tracy and Anne. They have been away in Edinburgh today training in the new Lava Mama Massage Course.

Lava Mama Lava Shell Massage Treatment Alexandria Scotland

This is a fabulous massage treatment using hot and cold luxury lava shells and uses specific moves and oils specially formulated and blended for massaging pregnant woman. Don’t worry, the lava shell massage technique works for everybody, you don’t have to be pregnant! Back at Head To Toe HQ, we are  looking forward to hearing all about Tracy and Anne’s adventures in lovely lavaland.

Lava Mama Shell Massage Treatment For Pregnant Women Glasgow Scotland

Hopefully they to will come back lavatastically de-stressed too. We don’t mean that in a negative way at all, they get a bit eager and super excited in their endeavours to learn new therapy techniques, which is just the kind of passion and dedication you would want in this line of work. It would just be really nice for them to get a relaxing lava shell session themselves for a change! We will keep you posted on all things Lava Mama Massages in the coming weeks.

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