Permanent Hair Removal//

Permanent Hair Removal Loch Lomond Glasgow

Advanced, Pain Free SHR Technology For Permanent Results From Unwanted Hair

What is SHR Technology? SHR technology is a safe and pain free way of treating unwanted hair for a permanent result. The skin is massaged six to ten times using low energy but with high frequency. This procedure is referred to as the so called “in-Motion” method, because the hand piece is moved over the treated area in sliding movements. The skin is heated gently through melanin and the stem cells (45 degrees). In this way even lighter and finer hair can be treated and removed permanently

With SHR, the hair pigment uses only 50 percent of the energy for permanent hair removal. The remaining 50 percent is absorbed into the stem cells, which are responsible for hair production, and systematically destroyed.

SHR technology safe pain free unwanted hair removal

Quick Hair Removal Frequently Asked Questions//

♥ I’m pregnant, can i have treatments?

No, we advise that you wait until well after the birth (especially until breastfeeding has stopped) to allow hormones to regulate themselves.

♥ Is it painful?

No, SHR delivers low level impulses of light to incrementally build up a gentle heat in the area being treated. For more sensitive areas we increase the cooling on the skin and most clients report no pain, just gentle warmth.

♥ How often will i need a treatment?

Depending on which area is being treated your appointments will range from either every 3 weeks to every 6 weeks as hair on different parts of the body have different growing rates. The average amount of treatment is 8.

♥ The consultation procedure

Every client undergoes a full, 1/2 hour consultation which explains the process and technology and determines skin type and suitability with regard to medication. A patch test will also be carried out at the consultation to check that there will be no adverse effects when the treatment is being carried out. After care advice will also be given.

♥ I have a tan, can I still have treatment?

Yes, unlike other light based treatments SHR is safe to have with a tan, we do however ask that you are free from artificial fake tan as this coats the skin and makes the treatment less effective.

Permanent Hair Removal For All Ages//

Permanent Hair Removal Glasgow SHR Technology


  • Upper lip between eyebrows/fingers/toes/earlobes – £35
  • Chin/Nasal Labia – £40
  • Side burns/hands/feet – £45
  • Under arms – £50
  • Basic Bikini – £55
  • Abdomen/ chest – £70
  • Brazilian/1/2 arms/1/2 face/1/2 back – £75
  • 1/2 legs – £90
  • Hollywood – £95
  • Full arms/buttocks – £105
  • Back incl shoulders/full legs/full chest & abdomen – £150

**Book for 1 area and get 40% off other areas
**Courses of 6 – 20% off (paid in full)
**Courses of 8 – 25% off (paid in full)

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