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Light Therapy Skincare Treatments//

Amazing Facial Treatment Utilising Red, Blue, Yellow And Green Light.

Light Therapy Skin Treatment. It is now known that red light produces a wavelength outside of the skin damaging UV range and is thought to have multiple healing benefits. It is therefore used as a skin rejuvenation treatment that increases collagen production in the skin, which in turn will make your skin look healthier and firmer.

Each light therapy facial you receive will stimulate the collagen and elastin in naturally, lifting and hydrating your skin. The treatment is getting great results worldwide in the fight against acne, broken capillaries, rosacea and the reduction of wrinkles and crows feet.

Details About Light Therapy Skincare Treatments//

♥ Red And Blue Light Therapy

  • This is the latest state of the art science and technology technique which is showing amazing results in the treatment of Acne and other problem skin conditions.

♥ Why Light Therapy?

  • Anti ageing stimulates collagen and elastin, lifting and hydrating your skin.
  • Treats broken capillaries and rosacea
  • Excellent treatment for Acne.
  • Reduces crows feet and works against wrinkles

♥ Specific Types Of Light Therapy And Their Actions On The Skin

  • LED-omega light therapy – A new favourite with celebrities the LED light is the strongest of its kind with a wave length of 640nm
  • Red light – Anti ageing, promotion of skin regeneration, promotion of blood circulation, increase uptake of active ingredients.
  • Blue light – Destruction of bacteria and acne. Inhibition of sebaceous glands, reduction of skin break out.
  • Green light – Soothing, improves sensitive skin, balancing mood and body
  • Yellow light – relief of redness, rosacea and healing properties compliments other treatments.

Picture Of Blue Light Therapy Skin Treatment In Action Below//

Blue Light Skin Therapy Alexandria Scotland

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